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Team Building

“I’m using this a lot.”
“This is the most fun night of my week.”

Whenever I teach an improv class, these are the two feedback responses I hear most often.

That’s because improv is the closest art form there is to life, whether at work or at home. Embracing improv skills, mindsets, and techniques can make anyone a better leader, improve communication, increase problem solving skills, reduce stress, and prepare them to adapt and excel in this rapidly changing world.

It's also a blast. These highly interactive workshops create an extraordinary event that will bring your team together to laugh and learn, support each other, and leave them smiling at the memories they create.

So let’s do it. Let’s play together.

Half Day (1-4hrs) and Full Day rates available upon request.



Half Improv Show, Half Workshop, this 60 min, 90 min, or 2hr long extravaganza is a great, cost-effective way to hold a teambuilding professional development event for larger groups. Ian will guide any size audience through dozens of improv-based exercises and games, getting them to laugh and learn together in an experience they’ll be talking about for months.

Looking For Virtual Team Building?

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