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Public Speaking is the number one fear
in the world.
It doesn’t have to be.

My vision is a world where everyone is comfortable crafting and sharing their stories and ideas, whether it’s someone doing a wedding toast, a project manager running a meeting, or a C-Suite Executive preparing a keynote. I’ve coached clients that have gone on to speak and panel at conferences like TED and Collusion, won pitch contests, guested on podcasts, and secured multi-million dollar RFP’s.

Though my passion is helping people overcome the mindsets and fears that can make any speaking engagement stressful—imposter syndrome doesn’t care about experience, titles, or prominence in your given field—my decades of multi-disciplinary experience also covers everything from content creation, storytelling and preparation skills to body language and voice.

So whether it’s for the stage, meeting room, or virtual platform, I can help.

  • Individual and group coaching available.

  • Single one hour sessions, package deals or retainer contracts offered upon request

  • Coaching sessions are conducted through Zoom or desired platform.

  • In-person rates available.

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