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So what is Improv?
Improv is most commonly known in its artistic sense, the creation of scenes without a script, usually played for laughs. However, the ability to collaboratively improvise—the ability to function and execute when a plan is fluid, breaks down, or even when there is no plan at all—is essential in any part of life.

So why can Improv improve the workplace?
Learning improv skills, mindsets, and techniques can improve your team, personally and professionally, by enhancing their creative side, their ability to be present and mindful in any type of encounter, and their capacity to embrace change in an increasingly changing world. It can make you a better leader, improve your presentations, increase your problem solving skills, reduce stress, and provide the agile mindset to better prepare you and your team to adapt and excel.

You said without a script. What if I want help with something prepared or written?
Yes, I can help with that too. With my decades of experience as an award-winning author and executive level speaking coach, I can help you create and polish any kind of presentation, from ideation to finished product. I can refine your messaging, improve your storytelling and use of language, and even prepare you for unique events such as podcasts, panels or Q&A sessions.

So wait: are you funny?
Ha, yes, I’ve been getting paid to make people laugh for over three decades, and will bring a sense of play to any workshop, team-building event, or even one-on-one. In fact, one of my passions is helping people realize that humour isn’t just about jokes. The humour we use in improv is accessible to everyone.

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