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Every speech should feel like a conversation. 
Every presentation can feel like a play.

Ian’s decades of experience as an actor, award-winning author, and speaking coach bring a multi-disciplinary style to his keynotes and talks. Whether at a corporate setting, conference, or school, Ian will engage and inspire any audience.

Keynotes & Talks

  • Because the Plan Never Goes to Plan: Why the Ability to Improvise is the Most Important Skill of the 21st Century

  • Follow the Positive: Overcoming Stress, Impostor Syndrome, and Negative Mindsets in any Presentation

  • It’s Called a Play: How to Make Any Presentation More Engaging To An Audience

  • Who’s Your Inner Critic? Dealing with Harshest Judge of All  

  • Surviving The Hard: Mindsets for Conflict, Mental Health, and Trauma in the Most Extreme Circumstances

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Half Improv Show, Half Workshop, this 60 min, 90 min, or 2hr long extravaganza is a great, cost-effective way to hold a teambuilding professional development event for larger groups. Ian will guide any size audience through dozens of improv-based exercises and games, getting them to laugh and learn together in an experience they’ll be talking about for months.

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